We cover all aspects of carpentry throughout the Dublin and Leinster area. We give building advice, design, create, implement and turn living spaces into dream spaces. We are highly experienced in all types of small building works, alterations and renovations for all your home needs.

The services we offer are always to the highest level of finish possible. With a combination of expertise, experience, quality tools and the highest trained professionals available, we can ensure that all small building works, alterations or renovations are completed on time and on budget – simple. We can supply a complete solution, whilst taking into account your budget and your schedule.

We provide an extensive range of custom and fitted woodwork pieces as well as first and second fix carpentry services. We aim to work closely with each of our clients, communicating throughout the entire process to ensure the finished product is to the client’s exact specifications. Throughout our years in business, we have gained a strong reputation for the quality of our work as well as our dedication to customer care.

1st Fixing Carpentry

Types of 1st Fix Carpentry

First fix carpentry is the first phase of two when a constructing a building. The first phase involves all of the work from its foundations to becoming ready for plastering. This stage starts from the shell (or frame) of the building to the point of decorating.

The first fix carpentry jobs that Area Carpentry Services include:


Floating Floors



Window Boards

Exterior Doors

Internal Door Linings


Mid/Full height bathroom boxing’s

2nd Fix Carpentry

What’s Second Fix Carpentry?

Second fix includes all of the work that happens after the plastering process. Second fix carpenter’s role is carpentry ensures that the woodwork of the building has all of the finishing touches.

Area Carpentry Services ensures the highest possible standards of finish on all our carpentry including:

Internal hardwood and softwood doors

Architraves to door linings

Skirting and mouldings

Pre-formed door sets

Staircase components

Low level bathroom boxing’s